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       With the fall sale season well under way; it is great to see the wide array of cattle being offered for sale this year. These sales give many breeders the opportunity to showcase their breeding programs and share with fellow producers their hard worked for genetics. Whether you are a buyer or a seller; your involvement helps to maintain the viablity and strong profile of the Canadian beef industry in general, while at the same time promoting the Simmental breed! And, even if you're not buying or selling, your participation as a spectator is also greatly appreciated. So, come out, show your support and enjoy some camaraderie. Your efforts will not go unnoticed!

        Of particular interest to Crimson Tide is the upcoming Simmental Weekend, Dec 13-15, 2013 in Alberta, Canada. This three day event highlights Simmental genetics from all across the country. The weekend starts Friday night, Dec 13, in Olds, AB, with the Friday Night Lights Sale and continues on Saturday, Dec 14, in Red Deer, AB, with the prestigous Checkers/ Fullblood Perfection Sale and wraps up on Sunday, Dec 15, in Red Deer, AB, with the Ultimate Red and Black and Fleckvieh Equation Sales.

        Be sure to check out Crimson Tide's lineup in these sales. We are offering four live lots, a semen lot and an embryo lot in the FULLBLOOD PERFECTION Sale at 2pm MST on Saturday Dec 14/13 in Red Deer, AB. ( Click For Perfection Sale Crimson Tide) And, at 1pm MST on Sunday Dec 15/13 in Red Deer, AB, we are offering two semen lots at the FLECKVIEH EQUATION Sale. (Click For Fleckvieh Equation 2013 Crimson Tide) If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We look forward to visiting with you in Red Deer!

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Smithbilt Molson 21M
Leading Herd Matron

Miss Smith 7G
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Little Creek Terri 048T

During a visit to the local mental institution, a visitor asked the administrator what criterion were used to determine whether or not a person should be institutionalized.

"Well," said the administrator. "We fill up a bathtub with water, then we give the person a bucket, a cup, and a spoon and ask them to empty the tub."

"Oh, I get it," said the visitor. "A normal person would choose the bucket because it's the biggest."

"No," replied the administrator. "A normal person would pull the plug. Would you like a bed near the windows?"

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Simmentals in Colombia
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19th Annual CHECKERS Purebred Simmental Sale
Saturday, December 14, 2013
Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB
Show & Sale Cattle Parade at 11am - Sale at 2pm MST
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FLECKVIEH EQUATION Fullblood Simmental Sale
Sunday, December 15, 2013
Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB
Sale at 1pm MST
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